Brussels | Day 1 of Mini Vacay

October 2, 2015


On the 2nd of October my friend Farzana and I decided to go on a long weekend trip away to Rome! Though I have never been much of a celebrator of birthdays, in the past couple of years I found it was something to celebrate on a personal level. To celebrate my own achievements and experiences especially as I was turning 26 in the coming days.  This year had many ups and downs so I wanted to finish my 25th year with an epic memory! So we headed to Rome to enjoy some of my favourite things; Iconic sites, Pizza and Gelato! It just so happened that the layovers outboand and inbound were full days in Brussels, Belgium. We thought it was great, I had always wanted to try authentic belgian waffles and my wish came true! First Stop was Brussels!


We got to Belgium around 9am and were super hungry as we had no breakfast! So what else do you have when your in Belgium? Belgian waffles of course. We headed into Brussels Central and went to the first eye catching waffle house that we saw. I got waffles and Farzana got pancakes. We usuallt get two different dishes and share so we get to try a variety. (Who doesn't do that?) The chocolate was a little too rich (Not something I have ever said about chocolate but hey, ho) accompanied with Hot Chocolate and the best Coffee I had in a long time!




We then explored the town and saw store after store of decadent Belgian chocolates and sweets. 








We walked through the International food quarter which felt like being in a meat market. Each restraunteur tried to sweet talk us to dine at their establishment. Their charms did not work on us as we had our hearts set on the famous belgian frites for dinner, so fancy right! 






Brussels has some of the most beautiful buildings with intricate design. The day began a little chilly but it soon warmed up. 




We went back to the airport for our next leg of our journey to Rome. As we waited for our flight we looked for a prayer area in the airport. We followed signs expecting a multifaith room. To our amazement we were lead to a seperate floor which was well lit and each door had a tree beside it. There was a feeling of zen, almost spa like. We went to the first room and it was an orthodox church. We went to the next and it was a Catholic Church, fully decked out, a synagogue and finally we reached our destination; a mosque. <3 Thank You Brussels <3


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