Brussels | Day 4 of Mini Vacay

October 5, 2015


Today was our last day of our mini vacation/trip! We left Rome at around 5am landing bright and early to Brussels, Belgium. We found a prayer area (a smaller mosque than our first day in Brussels) . There was a few places we did not manage to see on day 1 so we headed back to Central Brussels via train. Before we left the airport we saw a lot of Muslims waiting at a gate with bouqets of flowers and gifts. We figured that they were pilgrims returning from Makkah and we decided to wait and watch them embrace one another. 



The day was chillier than our inbound trip. We searched for a cafe that wasnt a belgian waffle house which there was plentiful of and ended up at the most cutests hipster cafe called Peck 47. The inside had quirky signage and posters. We ordered juices in jam jars, savory cheesy waffles and eggs bendecit which we shared. We had not really planned what we were doing today. Our feet were incredibly sore from the past few days and I really didnt fancy a walking tour. I looked for what was close by. As we had a lot of time till our flight we enjoyed just sitting in Peck 47 and making use of the free wi-fi also. Farzana noticed something called a Brookie. We figured it was a brownie and cookie mix, it sounded interesting but then we opted for the Blueberry cheesecake which was hands down the best cheesecake I have had. Everything in Peck 47 was in-peck-able! I would definately recommend going there!



 After brunch we walked through the city and popped into a vintage toy shop which was ever so nostalgic! It took me right back to my childhood!


We saw the Tin Tin Museum as well as the Comic Strip Museum. Belgium loves its comic strips. We stumbled upon a very hilarious comic book called Boerke which included a lot of adult humour (not for the faint hearted!) 



We were physically exhausted by the afternoon. We headed back to the centre, bought some souvenirs, watched the street artist perform who was a guitarist who kept saying that his next song was going to be a Justin Bieber song, but never was. Ate some belgian frites and headed back to the airport. 


Our trip, although short was very enjoyable but by the last day we were too tired to explore and were quite glad to be home and in the comfort of our own beds!. We will see you again Roma & Brussels! 








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