Pink Parcel Unboxing | December 2015

December 11, 2015


I have been subscribed to Pink Parcel for the past 7 months. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for females only. They send you all the feminine hygiene products you need, plus some lovely beauty and lifestyle treats to brighten up those days of the month. It really solves the super cringe worthy task of picking up your supplies from your local Superdrug or worse, Asda! For me it always seemed that the days I had a basket full of supplies would be the day I bump into every Tom, Dick and Harry. No more last minute run to the shops. Pink Parcel deliver straight to your door right before your menstrual cycle with some nice treats to cheer you up in what me and my sisters call, the curse. It does make me smile every month. Its like a little gift from the Period Fairy. Previously I have received makeup, snacks, skin care and jewellery. The following is what I received this month;


 A Ginger Bread Man Lipgloss. How cute!!



A Ginger Bread Man flavoured tea. Im not a fan of flavoured tea's as im more of a coffee drinker but this sounds rather yummy!


Lisa Angel Heart Bracelt. This delicate bracelet is the perfect little gift. (RRP £15)



 Organic AngeliQ Superfood Chocolate. Chocolate that is actually good for you as it contains superfood ingredients! A little bitter due to the percentage of cocoa in it but after a while its not bad. I would rather have a Cadbury's Dairy Milk though. Who cares about being healthy on your period anyway!


 If superfood chocolate was being too healthy, this month the PP came with Glucose Tablets. I guess this will come in handy when I am on a long day at work whilst on my period. Energy Boosting away!

Freeman's Avacado and Oatmeal Clay Mask! I love to wear face masks during my period. Clears out pores preventing any hormonal uglies to make a an appearance! 


No this is something I have never seen before. Fab Little Bag. A tampon disposal bag so you can easily discretely and responsibly get rid of that nasty thing!


This month the PP came with a Hot Pink cracker and inside came this Vichy Skin Balm. Super moisturising in its gel form. The sample size is too small to try this enough times in order to determine if I want to purchase this. *Please give us some more Vichy and some Laroc Posay*


The for down there part of the PP was the SASS purifying cleanser which I had got two months ago.


My favourite thing in this months PP was this christmas card. Under the wet looking, glittery red words which reads Wonderful, is the word SHIT.  Beautifully signed with what looks like a red lipstick by the PP Team was a very nice and personal touch.


Thankyou Pink Parcel for continuing to improve your service. Wishing you all an amazing festive season. Looking forward to the periods of 2016. (Never thought I would say that)


You can subscribe to Pink Parcel on


*DISCLAIMER: This is unsponsered*


Check out the full unboxing and please please subscribe! xoxoxo



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