London Vlog | Winter 2015 #1

December 13, 2015

I love to go to London in the winter. The festive lights and even the rush of people somehow makes me feel 'merry'. I guess I like it because it kind of reminds me of what New York looks like in Home Alone 2. So when my friend suggested that we should go I said yes.


We got to London at 9am. We checked in to our AirBnb apartment in Brixton, South London. We managed to get a whole ground floor apartment to ourself which had a spacious kitchen and living area. Shame we were only staying the night. 


I can never start a day in London without a Costa Mocha (Black forest Mocha to be exact).


 We sat and planned our day. My friend "Mystery Girl" (who wants to remain anonymous) has never been to Central London so I knew she wanted to do the traditional sight seeing and what's more touristy than a open top bus tour. We headed to Trafalgar Square to catch our bus. 


Though the weather was not perfect, it was dry and a little chilly wind at times but my Asos blanket scarf kept me warm. I think the bus tour is great if you want to see all the iconic sites but it was rather slow. 



Next on the tourist list was Madame Tussauds. My highlight was getting up close and personal with Big Dave and giving him a piece of my mind! Im sure he is just as waxy in real life too. 



My feet were incredibly sore at the end of Madame Tussauds. NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear new shoes on days out like this! Every step felt like torture and in London there is a lot of walking involved. We headed to Oxford Street to track down Stax Diner.


I heard about Stax last year on Halal Girl About Towns blog []. A halal American Diner like no other! It was quite hard to find with Siri sending me up and down Oxford Street trying to find it. It was located inside Kingly Court, which can easily be missed. Just ask someone where Kingly Court is and once your in the square you can't miss Stax on the second floor. The square reminded me of New Orleans. 



Once we finally got a table I ordered the "Bring home the Bacon" burger. A beef burger with glazed maple syrup beef bacon! Something I would not usually order. The combo of the maple and meat was just perfect. I had never eaten anything like it due to the limited halal options in restaurants. The fries portion was huge and can be shared between two. Mystery Girl ordered the "Stax Po Boy" which was a popcorn shrimp burger with "Spicy Comback Sauce". I dont know how they make the sauce but I would definately come back for it! I would give this place a 4.5/5. It would be a 5/5 had it been a bigger restaurant so they could avoid the 45 minute wait. 



I could feel my feet blister at this point so we headed to H&M, got some basic pumps and made our way to Hyde Park to Winter Wonderland. In hindsight I would have went to London on the friday afternoon/evening which would have given us plenty of time to spend at Winter Wonderland but with it being a long day we did not spend a lot of time there and headed back to our apartment. 




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