London Vlog | Winter 2015 #2

February 2, 2016

Day 2 of our London winter weekend of 2015 began visiting Queenie Dearest in Buckingham Palace. Looked like she was not in, a feeling I am used to believe me. The day was slightly rainy and mildly chilly. We checked out early and had our luggage on us which is not ideal when galavanting around london. So I was already not in the best of moods, that and the fact that we were heading East! 


After seeing this Landmark sight we headed to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods. It was not open till 11 so we had an hour or so to spend around Knightsbridge. We had breakfast at PAUL. I had the most decadent Mocha with Raspberry Macaroon and my travel buddy had a Latte and Pain Au Chocolate which was definately one of the best I have had. The couple next to us had 2 each!





Harrods was always one of my London bucket list places to see. The window displays were so extravagant just like its inside. Finally got to smell Diptyque candles which I heard so much about and to be honest I could not justify buying such an expensive candle, expecially since I rarely burn them. I am never home long enough to enjoy candles! They indeed look and smell pretty.








We then headed to East London. Last year I had stocked up on my headscarves from the market on Brick Lane but it looked like they were closed on Sunday. I managed to find some at a shop, 8 scarves for £10. I came home with two bags full of scarves! Asian shopping is not my cup of tea but my travel buddy enjoyed it very much. I wish I had snapped a picture of her carrying all her bags! We went to Green Street and my girl is indeed the Haggle Queen! Her persistence in trying to get a bargain is quite something! I do not have the will or patience for that sort of thing. She bought two stunning bangle boxes at bargain price ofcourse! 


We had dinner at Bombay Grill on Brick Lane which was not worth it at all. I understand paper plates for street food but not for a restaurant. Maybe thats how they roll in the East or perhaps its my snobbery coming out after visiting Harrods this morning! 



We got to the train station with ample time but there was not a seat in sight. So we went to Eds Diner for a Yummy milkshake!




Also note to self!! - Check Rail Card is in date before boarding train otherwise it is a MISSION!! A story for another time ;)



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