Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette | Tutorial & Review with Swatches

November 24, 2016


I finally got my hands on the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. This palette has been the most talked about palette with mixed reviews. The palette sold out pretty quickly on the Cult Beauty website so when my brother was stopping over in Dubai from Bangladesh I thought it would be the best opportunity for him to pick one up for me. The palette retailed at £56 and my brother used his British credit card so a further surcharge of around £3 was added, rounding it up to £59 for this palette. The price was not too much of an issue for me because I feel good quality makeup is an investment for my kit and as a makeup artist you kind of have to be on trend. That being said if I genuinely don't like a brand I wont buy it for my kit even if it is trending. Huda Beauty has a good reputation and I have her lashes, lip contour and liquid lip in my kit and they have not disappointed. It was also a birthday treat from me, to me!


First impressions:



The packaging looks a little cheap and weak. I like the design of the outer sleeve as it is following the theme of her brand however the palette itself is quite cardboardy and feels a little flimsy. I like that the lid is see through but I would prefer the palette to be made with similar material to the MAC palette. It just gives it a little sturdyness and professional feel to it. The only positive of it being cardboard-y is that its very light, great for the kit. 


The palette has 3 textured shadows, all the colours are stunning, some blend better than other. The glitter shadows are quite difficult to work with. It is best used with the fingers. It can get a bit clumpy so it takes some getting used to.


I used the Farsali Rose Elixir to help with the applying and non clumping. These colours are amazing but it is such a shame that the finish isn't so great. 


Other than that the transition colours are lovely. I love the names of the shadows. I feel like it has all the essential shades you need for a day to night time glam. Perfect for taking on holidays when your not wanting to lug around a lot of makeup, the light weight ness of the packaging helps in this regard. 


Here are the swatches with and without flash in order of the palette itself:









Here is my final look:





The lenses I am wearing here at Nada Toffi Lenses.


Here is the tutorial and video review:



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